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quanteda/quanteda: CRAN v1.5.2

Kenneth Benoit; Kohei Watanabe; Haiyan Wang; Paul Nulty; Adam Obeng; Stefan Müller; Jiong Wei Lua; Aki Matsuo; Christian Mueller; Will Lowe; Pablo Barberá; Tyler Rinker; mark padgham; Christopher Gandrud; José Tomás Atria; Tom Paskhalis; nicmer; lindbrook; hofaichan; etienne-s; Chung-hong Chan; hotzeplotz; Thomas J. Leeper; Stas Malavin; Michael W. Kearney; Michael Chirico; Katrin Leinweber; Johannes Gruber

Last 1.x.x release before major changes in v2.

New features
  • Added Yule's I to textstat_lexdiv().
  • Added forward compatibility for newer (v2) corpus class objects.
  • Added a new function featfreq() to compute the overall feature frequencies from a dfm.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug in tokens_lookup() when exclusive = FALSE and the tokens object has paddings. (#1743)
  • Fixed a bug in tokens_replace() (#1765).

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