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Improving BioDynaMo build system

Giovanni De Toni

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    "description": "<p>When developing new programs or scientific libraries most of the efforts are focused on providing&nbsp;<br>\nefficient algorithms, the state-of-the-art techniques and maximum flexibility. However, in order for a&nbsp;<br>\nnew project to be effective, one of the top priorities must be how the final user will obtain our&nbsp;<br>\nsoftware.&nbsp;<br>\nSure enough, the first approach of the users usually is how to build/install the provided software. If&nbsp;<br>\nthe necessary steps/prerequisites to install the project are missing or not working, then we will lose a&nbsp;<br>\npossible new user (or even many more). This happens especially if we are targeting users who are&nbsp;<br>\nnot experienced with DevOps operations (e.g. how to develop software and which tools are needed).&nbsp;<br>\nFor this purpose, the documentation must also be clear and concise, it has to provide code examples&nbsp;<br>\nand possible use cases and it has to state clearly the installation procedure. &nbsp;<br>\nThis report details the work on the BioDynaMo project (a biological large-scale simulator) which&nbsp;<br>\ntargeted their entire build and testing system. The project was about improving the previous&nbsp;<br>\nautomatic build procedure to increase usability and to provide a more maintainable codebase. The&nbsp;<br>\nupdates targeted the mechanism which takes care of installing the required packages and the&nbsp;<br>\ncomplete build process, such to make the operations more robust and flexible for the final users. &nbsp;<br>\nSome final conclusions were drawn from this experience to be useful to define future refactoring&nbsp;<br>\nprocesses. Moreover, future works and improvements are also discussed which can be used to&nbsp;<br>\ndirect the next development steps of BioDynaMo. &nbsp;</p>", 
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    "title": "Improving BioDynaMo build system", 
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        "name": "Giovanni De Toni"
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