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Factors that contribute greatly to obesity disorder


Obesity is one of the greatest problems that is faced by the healthcare department all over the world. In the majority of the obese people it has been noted that they eat too much but move too little. 


So the energy is not burnt from exercise and physical activity then that energy ultimately turned into fats.


The modern lifestyle is also a contributing factor in obesity. Reduced physical activity and higher screen time all contribute to the prevalence of obesity.


Below are some of the most common causes of obesity.


  • Lifestyle Choices


It is important to mention here that obesity is not something that can occur overnight; rather it is a slow and gradual process that develops with the passage of time.


Unhealthy food choices are one of the leading causes of obesity. This unhealthy food includes:


  • Fast foods which are rich in fats

  • Reduced use of fruits, vegetables, and brown rice, etc.

  • High consumption of alcohol. Alcohols are rich sources of calories, and all heavy drinks are rich in calories.

  • Comfort eating- when a person is depressed so in order to feel better they prefer to eat a lot

These unhealthy choices of eating basically run in the entire family as they are learned or acquired from the person's parents.


Childhood obesity is one of the major causes of weight-related health issues and the lifestyle habits the individual learns as a child can also continue in adulthood.


  • Technology and Screen Time


In today’s world of technology, we have become so lazy that we cannot even write our paper and we end up asking can anyone write my essay for my, so in such situation, it is simply out of the question to do something else.


This laziness is due to the extraordinary use of technology in order to kill time. 


People are helplessly addicted to social media due to which they are least interested in going out and doing other activities. 


This plays a major role in increasing obesity among the population. 


  • Lack of Physical Activity and Exercise

This is another important factor that is related to obesity. There are people who have office works from 9am-5pm. Which requires them to sit in one place and get their job done. 


Also for traveling they prefer to use motorbikes and cars rather than walking.


Even if they get free time, they prefer to sit down and watch TV or playing video games.


So that means that the energy which is accumulated inside the body by eating is not being consumed and ultimately they are stored in the body in the form of fats. 


  • Medical Causes


There are people in the world who are obese because of their medical conditions. These conditions include:


  • Underactive thyroid Gland

  • Cushing’s syndrome

Apart from these certain medications which are used for asthma, depression, and diabetes also cause obesity. 


Although there is no proper treatment for obesity and right now it is treated by changing the lifestyle of the affected person. Which requires both time and patience because this is the only healthy way of losing weight as compared to surgery and medications.


Do you know someone who is obese?


How do they deal with it?

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Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below!!

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