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La gramática latina ilustrada de Esteban de Orellana (siglos XVIII-XIX)

González Gallardo, María Fernanda

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  <identifier identifierType="DOI">10.5281/zenodo.3541966</identifier>
      <creatorName>González Gallardo, María Fernanda</creatorName>
      <givenName>María Fernanda</givenName>
      <familyName>González Gallardo</familyName>
      <affiliation>Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México</affiliation>
    <title>La gramática latina ilustrada de Esteban de Orellana (siglos XVIII-XIX)</title>
    <subject>Gramática latina</subject>
    <subject>Nueva España</subject>
    <date dateType="Issued">2017-12-17</date>
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    <rights rightsURI="">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International</rights>
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    <description descriptionType="Abstract">&lt;p&gt;Esteban de Orellana&amp;rsquo;s&amp;nbsp;&lt;em&gt;Instrucci&amp;oacute;n de la lengua latina&amp;nbsp;&lt;/em&gt;o&amp;nbsp;&lt;em&gt;Arte de adquirirla por la traducci&amp;oacute;n de los autores, compuesta para la particular ense&amp;ntilde;anza de unos ni&amp;ntilde;os,&lt;/em&gt;&amp;nbsp;first published in Lima, Peru, in 1759, emphasized the translation of classical authors and tried to combine the theories of Francisco Sanchez de las Brozas with those of Juan Luis de la Cerda, grammatical positions that were in confrontation. This erudite proposal, of great enlightened inclination, punctually develops an educational method that seeks the best conditions for the teaching-learning process of Latin. Although it did not reach the desired support on the part of the Spanish Crown to reach to formalize itself, as the&amp;nbsp;&lt;em&gt;Gram&amp;aacute;tica latina escrita con nuevo m&amp;eacute;todo y nuevas observaciones en verso castellano con su explicaci&amp;oacute;n en prosa&lt;/em&gt;&amp;nbsp;(1771) of Juan Luis de Iriarte, it influenced in a very noticeable way in New Spain, where it even got to be reedited in more than one occasion, and probably had repercussion in other works of grammatical topics.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/p&gt;</description>
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