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D1.2 – Inventory of Data Sources

Alexopoulou, E.

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  <dc:creator>Alexopoulou, E.</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>D1.2 entitled “Inventory of the data sources” presents the data sources that will be used in task 1.2 of the project, where the MAGIC-CROPS database will be developed. The sources of this inventory are the followings:

	A long list of EU projects working on industrial crops. In these projects the participants of the consortium either have full access either as coordinators or as project partners (e.g. 4FCROPS, Crops2Industry, FIBRA, OPTIMA, OPTIMISC, LOGISTEC, WATBIO, S2BIOM, EUROBIOREF, COSMOS, BEE, SRCplus, JATROPT, JATROMED, BIOENERGY CHAINS, HEMPSYS, EUROPRUNNING, On-cultivos, Biokenaf, Multichip, etc.) or information had been collected from their websites, from publications (articles, position papers, public deliverables, etc.) or presentations had been made for the projects.
	Existing databases and/or inventories had been developed from previous EU projects such as IENICA, 4FCROPS, Crops2Industry, FIBRA &amp; S2BIOM.
	A long list of articles on industrial crops; in this survey emphasis had been given to the performance of the crops on growing on marginal lands, while the articles covering the whole production chain.
	Other related sources such as web reports and/or position papers that that have been uploaded to relevant platforms, organisations, associations such as ETBP, Plants for the Future, IEA (such as IEA task 43), OECD, FAO, JRC, AAIC, etc.
  <dc:subject>industrial crops</dc:subject>
  <dc:subject>EU projects</dc:subject>
  <dc:title>D1.2 – Inventory of Data Sources</dc:title>
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