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Transformers without Tears: Improving the Normalization of Self-Attention

Nguyen, Toan Q.; Salazar, Julian

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  "description": "<p>We evaluate three simple, normalization-centric changes to improve Transformer training. First, we show that pre-norm residual connections (PRENORM) and smaller initializations enable warmup-free, validation-based training with large learning rates. Second, we propose&nbsp;l2&nbsp;normalization with a single scale parameter (SCALENORM) for faster training and better performance. Finally, we reaffirm the effectiveness of normalizing word embeddings to a fixed length (FIXNORM). On five low-resource translation pairs from TED Talks-based corpora, these changes always converge, giving an average +1.1 BLEU over state-of-the-art bilingual baselines and a new 32.8 BLEU on IWSLT &#39;15 English-Vietnamese. We ob- serve sharper performance curves, more consistent gradient norms, and a linear relationship between activation scaling and decoder depth. Surprisingly, in the high-resource setting (WMT &#39;14 English-German), SCALENORM&nbsp;and FIXNORM&nbsp;remain competitive but PRENORM&nbsp;degrades performance.</p>", 
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      "affiliation": "University of Notre Dame", 
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Nguyen, Toan Q."
      "affiliation": "Amazon AWS AI", 
      "@type": "Person", 
      "name": "Salazar, Julian"
  "headline": "Transformers without Tears: Improving the Normalization of Self-Attention", 
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  "datePublished": "2019-11-02", 
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  "@type": "ScholarlyArticle", 
  "name": "Transformers without Tears: Improving the Normalization of Self-Attention"
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