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The Origin of living matter

Dr Narayan Kumar Bhadra

The animate and inanimate bodies are developed or expanded in the similar manner. The physical universe expanded from Big-Bang singularity scheduled by the consciousness energy groups SU(12), SU(6),.….etc. but the situations created slowly after the symmetry breaking of SU(23), then SU(11)……..etc. then by rapidly unfolded matter energies by the symmetry breaking of the unified Gaussian group SU(5) by exchanging the bosons of the latent energy group of SU(6) into the bosons of SU(5) in the theory of the Super Unified Gaussian Group SU(11) and then Jk–bosons of conscious energies SU(6) are therefore tightly binding the quark-likes particles and then gradually formed protons-likes, neutron-likes,….etc. quasi-particles having masses may have been five times or more that of the usual protons, neutrons,….etc or getting much more new unknown particles which are very much essential for medical purpose i.e., for better and critical treatments which are not essentially possible by the creation with Hadrons, Hyperons, Nucleons,…etc. of SU(5) and after then it is possible to increase their strengths gradually of those unknown particles like as increasing the atomic numbers or masses of usual matter atoms and hence we may also found heavy bio-molecular living matter atoms etc. and then created multiple bio-molecular cells combining with nonliving matter atoms produced by GUT of SU(5). Thus living matters always created by the energies of the group of SU(6) together with all other atoms/elements/compound elements/mainly covalence-compounds….etc. which was formed only together with the nonliving matter energy groups of SU(5) as, encountered in condensed matter physics, e.g., in the description of the conduction electron sea, excitons, magnons, polarons, polaritons, etc. (Ashcroft & Mermin, 1976). This is very important in view of the potential importance of quantum effects in biology and in consciousness where not only are systems of many particles considered, but they function at high temperatures compared to those typically encountered in quantum physics then so called various kind of complex living cell bodies. Material substances created by the Unified Gaussian Group SU(5) by the directions of SU(6) with some suitable situations when it is possible to create bio-molecules that means all then chemical elements created from hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon,…etc. to heavier elements or compound elements by the quarks are tightly binding with gluons etc. of SU(5), and hence the inanimate particles then ready for the creation of the animates that means the situation when it is possible to consider to produced biological molecules or other units like single cell then gradually multiple cells with DNA/RNA pairs, Chromosome pairs,….etc. where most of the organic compounds which are mainly constructed by the co-valence compounds or compositions or constituted like polymers which are also tightly binding by the Jk–bosons(latently)[details of Jk–bosons explained in my previous articles] of SU(6) and also created strong electromagnetic forces[in theory of SU(11) where the latent energy group of SU(6) are created so strong forces relatively the weak forces of SU(5)] (that means in comparison to the chemical elements or compounds elements of atoms/molecules etc. which are constructed by the quarks binding with gluons ….etc. are weaker than some of the unknown new particles formed by the quarks-likes binding with Jk–bosons) and also creating strong currents by SU(6) in the frame-work of SU(6)  U(1) like the weak force SU(2) created a weak current in the frame-work of SU(2)  U(1) then ready for dynamical situations within the living matters or cells or lives etc.

There is no consensus yet on how the universe initially came to be, the general assumption is that perhaps an energetic fluctuation caused the universe to tunnel into the existence from quantum foam. The question of why the large energy of the universe is in a dark, i.e. not found in practical, the observed vacuum energy is so small in comparison to the scales of particle physics is known as cosmological constant problem. It is generally thought to be easier to imagine an unknown mechanism which would set vacuum parameter exactly to zero and so it can be considered that there exist several unifications from the existing physical universe. These class of symmetry group(a Generalized Gaussian Energy Theory) can be expressed mathematically as SU(11)  SU (5)  SU( 6)  U(1); SU (23)  SU (12)  SU (11) U (1); SU (47)  SU(24)  SU (23)  U (1); on.
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