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chrisjsewell/aiida-crystal17: Properties Calc/WkChain Improvements and Testing changes

Chris Sewell

  • Large improvement/refactor of properties calculations and workchains:

    • Rename cry_ -> prop_
    • Renamed crystal17.fermi -> crystal17.newk
    • Subclass calculations from base PropAbstractCalculation;
      • all calculation take as input a wf_folder and parameter dict
      • all calculations output a result dict
      • no longer options to symlink wf_folder (it doesn't work)
      • wf_folder can now be a standard folder (or remote)
    • Add raw parsers for parsing properties stdout and gaussian cube files.
    • Parsers all use read_properties_stdout to parse standard output data, and check for errors, also exit codes are saved for each step, then the highest priority code is returned at the end.
    • Changed inputs/outputs of crystal17.fermi.
    • Add crystal17.ech3 calculation and parser (stores cube files as GaussianCube data objects).
    • Updated CryPropertiesWorkChain to run multiple properties calculation.
    • Add creation of VESTA file, from cube data file.
    • crystal17.doss; fix parsing of projections.
    • Update band_gap calcfunction, to use correct energy units format.
    • Add documentation: calc_doss, workflow_properties, calc_ech3.
  • Improve CRYSTAL main stdout parser.

    • Extract mulliken orbital and shell populations.
    • parse 0D (MOLECULE) cartesian coordinates
    • improve regex for removing PROCESS and Fortran warning lines
    • ignore all open_hca: getaddr_netdev ERROR lines, that can occur before program start.
    • fix issues with computations that converge after the 1st cycle.
  • Add fort.9 raw parser.

  • Symmetry: allow for use of symbol (rather than kind) to define inequivalent sites.

  • Improved BasisSetData.set_file and BasisSetData.upload_basisset_family, to accept pathlib.Path and filelike objects.

  • Programatically Access Resource Files:

    Non-python files (JSON schema and raw files) are now accessed programatically, using the importlib_resources package. This means that (a) they can be accessed even if the package is zipped and, (b) these files can be moved to a separate package in the future.

  • Replace Travis flake8/version tests with a pre-commit test:

    • Updated pre-commit and yapf versions have been updated, and
    • pre-commit run -a has been applied to the repository.
    • Added conda test, to check the conda_dev_env.yml works.
  • Add pytest plugin configuration:

    • Use pytest command-line arguments to control run configuration.
    • Replace MOCK_CRY17_EXECUTABLES environmental variable with pytest --cry17-no-mock, and CRY17_TEST_WORKDIR with pytest --cry17-workdir "test_workdir".
    • Add --cry17-skip-exec, for skipping tests call executable.
    • Add pytest-notebook dependency and test function, to test and regenerate tutorial notebooks.
  • GULP: improve ReaxFF parser:

    • correctly handle read/write of X symbol
    • allow reaxff tolerance value to be set, when reading file to dict.
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