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Capitains/MyCapytain: 3.0.0

Thibault Clérice; Matthew Munson; Brian Rosner; Ralph Giles; Bridget Almas

2019-07-01 3.0.0 @ponteineptique
  • Added DTS !
  • New Generic / Prototype CitationSetObject
    • New .match(passageId) function
  • New Generic / Prototype Citation Object
    • New .children Property
    • New .depth property (Not ported to CTS Citation object yet)
    • New meaning of .len() magic method
  • New .root and is_root properties to link back to the citation set (for match implementations)
  • Guidelines / CTS Citation Object
    • Implementation of the .match(passageId) method
  • CitationSet.is_root -> CitationSet.is_root() # Keep in check with other practices
  • BaseCitation.is_empty() now checks if the object has children
  • BaseCitation.is_set() checks if objects have their properties set
  • cts.Citation.isEmpty() old behaviour is now in .is_set() and has been reversed in meaning
    • Old system would check if the CTS Citation was not set, old code such as
    • if citation.isEmpty() should be moved to if citation.is_set()
  • Guidelines / CTS Citation Object
  • New Generic / Prototype Citation Object
    • RetroPorted .start and .end Properties (see below for breaking change)
    • New .is_range property

From MyCapytain.resources.prototypes.text to MyCapytain.resources.prototypes.cts.text :

  • CtsNode now PrototypeCtsNode
  • CtsPassage now PrototypeCtsPassage
  • CtsText now PrototypeCtsText

Texts class:

  • self.__attr__ to self._attr

CTS Citation:

  • CTSCitation.isEmpty() to CTSCitation.is_empty()
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