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Analysis of leisure noise levels and assessment of policies impact in San Salvario district, Torino (Italy), by low-cost IoT noise monitoring network

Gallo, Enrico; Ciarlo, Elena; Santa, Manuela; Sposato, Emanuela; Fogola, Jacopo; Grasso, Daniele; Masera, Stefano; Vincent, Bruno; Halbwachs, Yann

Nightlife activities in open-air create increasing challenges for vibrant cities, in terms of noise pollution and annoyance. City of Torino decided to face strategically this problem by an integrated approach and put in place a low-cost IoT noise monitoring network using several Android smartphones in San Salvario District, where a large number of restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs attracts each weekend thousands of people spending all evening and night on terraces and streets, enjoying the amenity of this residential historical district. An app for signal processing and data transmission was developed by the Regional Environmental Agency (ARPA Piemonte) and, after a comprehensive set of lab tests for uncertainty evaluations and the definition of a calibration procedure, an on-site deployment started in summer 2016. Hourly data were analyzed after been collected for months in real time by the IoT Open Data platform, leading to a first exposure map for leisure noise and a yearly detailed spectrum of hourly noise levels. This data-driven approach has been chosen to impact on political agenda, on a stronger positive involvement of citizens in focus groups, on local entrepreneurs’ engagement, and on patrons’ awareness, to start a better adaptation of open-air events to city living. The noise monitoring network allowed measuring the effects of new regulations in summer 2017 and will support the evaluation of the overall effect of new actions for noise reduction planned for 2018, in the framework of the Monica Horizon 2020 Project (

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