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Verbal Abuse among Students in Ubon Ratchathani Province, Thailand

Ayuwat, Tiwawan

Jaishankar, K

This study aimed to investigate verbal abuse of the students in Ubon Ratchathani Province. The results indicated that the verbal abuse of the students consisted of three aspects: words, intonation, and contents. Based on an overview, verbal abuse behavior was at a low level with the mean at 0.90. When the three aspects were investigated, words were at the highest level with a mean of 1.05, followed with intonation and contents with the mean at 0.96 and 0.78, respectively. Verbal abuse of the students with the highest level of the mean combined with speaking loudly, reacting with aggressive intonation immediately when someone speaks with aggressive intonation to them and arguing immediately when they think other people speak incorrectly. Causal factors affecting verbal abuse were using verbal abuse usage in families, exposure of verbal abuse from media, using verbal abuse among peers and attitudes toward verbal abuse. Each factor was related to each other and had a causal relationship.

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