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DR 1.3: Evaluation of PAL prototype supporting knowledge and awareness

Looije, Rosemarijn; Sacchitelli, Francesca; Blanson-Henkemans, Olivier; Neerincx, Mark; van der Pal, Sylvia; Sardu, Francesco

This report presents the work WP1 with a focus on T1.4: The results from
the rst design and evaluation cycle. This cycle contained a number of
related experiments (i.e., formative evaluations of PAL prototypes). Each
experiment had speci c research questions concerning PAL functionality and
expected outcomes (claims) concerning (1) child's knowledge, awareness, at-
titude (towards PAL and T1DM), self-ecacy and skills (usage and ad-
herence), or (2), HCP's trust and acceptance, or (3) parent's attitude and

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