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THÖR - eye-tracking

Andrey Rudenko; Tomasz Piotr Kucner; Chittaranjan Sriniva Swaminathan SWAMINATHAN; Ravi Teja Chadalavada; Kaj O. Arras; Achim J. Lilienthal

THÖR is a dataset with human motion trajectory and eye gaze data collected in an indoor environment with accurate ground truth for the position, head orientation, gaze direction, social grouping and goals. THÖR contains sensor data collected by a 3D lidar sensor and involves a mobile robot navigating the space. In comparison to other, our dataset has a larger variety in human motion behaviour, is less noisy, and contains annotations at higher frequencies.

THÖR eye-tracking - data of the participant (Helmet number 9) from the Tobii Glasses included in this dataset. The entire data from the experiment was recorded into two recordings - "Recording011" and "Recording012".

The folder "RawData" consists of exported data from Tobii Pro Lab software using a filter called "Tobii-IVT Attention filter" (velocity threshold parameter set to 100 degrees/second), which is a recommended method for dynamic situations. The recommendation was given by the equipment manufactures Tobii Pro and from other researchers. For further information, please refer to (Appendix-B, page 85).

The recording start times are as follows:
Tobii recording011 starttime: 13:34:37.267
Tobii recording012 starttime: 14:36:17.730

The folder "SynchronisedData" of  "ALL_Qualisys_Tobii.mat" file, which consists of all the synchronised data between Qualisys data and Tobii eye-tracker data using timestamps matching. The columns (headers) in this mat file respectively represent - 'Timestamp', 'Pos_X', 'Pos_Y', 'Pos_Z', 'Head_R', 'Head_P', 'Head_Y','GazepointX', 'GazepointY', 'Gaze3DpositioncombinedX', 'Gaze3DpositioncombinedY', 'Gaze3DpositioncombinedZ', 'Gaze3DpositionleftX', 'Gaze3DpositionleftY', 'Gaze3DpositionleftZ', 'Gaze3DpositionrightX', 'Gaze3DpositionrightY', 'Gaze3DpositionrightZ', 'GazedirectionleftX', 'GazedirectionleftY', 'GazedirectionleftZ', 'GazedirectionrightX', 'GazedirectionrightY', 'GazedirectionrightZ', 'PupilpositionleftX', 'PupilpositionleftY', 'PupilpositionleftZ', 'PupilpositionrightX', 'PupilpositionrightY', 'PupilpositionrightZ', 'Pupildiameterleft', 'Pupildiameterright', 'Recordingmedianame', 'Recordingmediawidth', 'Recordingmediaheight', 'Gazeeventduration', 'Eyemovementtypeindex', 'FixationpointX', 'FixationpointY', 'GyroX', 'GyroY', 'GyroZ', 'AccelerometerX', 'AccelerometerY', 'AccelerometerZ'.

'Timestamp', 'Pos_X', 'Pos_Y', 'Pos_Z', 'Head_R', 'Head_P', 'Head_Y','GazepointX', 'GazepointY' represent the timestamps (matched to Tobii timestamps using nearest neighbor search), position and head orientation from Qualisys data and rest of the data is from Tobii eye-tracker. For more information regarding the eye-tracker data, please refer to (Section, page 68).



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