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Interpolated maps of bird density and flight vector over Europe

Raphaël Nussbaumer; Lionel Benoit; Grégoire Mariethoz; Felix Liechti; Silke Bauer; Baptiste Schmid

This dataset contains the interpolated values of bird density and bird flight speed (N-S and E-W) resulting from the methodology presented in [reference].The methodology is explained in less detail at The resulting interpolation is a probability distribution (define the probability of each value to occurs). Only the median, quantile 10 and 90 are given in this file. 

The spatio-temporal grid has a resolution of 0.2° in latitude (43°-68°) and longitude (-5°-30°) and 15 minutes in time (19 September to 10 October 2016), resulting in 127x176x2017 nodes. Over this large data cube, the estimation are only computed at the nodes located (1) over land, (2) within 200km of the nearest radar and (3) during nighttime.

The same dataset can be visualised on a dedicated web interface: and data can be queried on a API (documentation).

The csv file is structured as a table with the following columns:

  • density_estimation: Median bird density [bird/km^2] (quantile 50)
  • density_quantile10: Quantile 10 of bird density [bird/km^2]
  • density_quantile90: Quantile 90 of bird density [bird/km^2]
  • speedu_estimation: Mean bird speed east(+)/west(-) [m/s]
  • speedu_std: Standard deviation of bird speed east(+)/west(-) [m/s]
  • speedv_estimation: Mean bird speed north(+)/south(-) [m/s]
  • speedv_std: Standard deviation of bird speed north(+)/south(-) [m/s]
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • time


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