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Sinchan Das.

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    "description": "<p>The modern civilization feels satisfied by adopting several masking habits to hide their originalities. Along with some good practices, the entire time generally indulged themselves in the destructing habits in an enormous quantity. In order to satisfy their virtual existence, they are very much prone to adopt several non-senses &amp; in human practices, which can endangered their gross productivity in a certain extent. Day by day they are continuously pushed themselves within the quicksand of ignorance, aggression, anger, violence &amp; humiliation. The entire society is becoming blood thirsty day by day. Most violence is preventable, not inevitable. There is a strong evidence base, grounded in research and community wisdom that prevention works. Violence is a problem that can be prevented using a scientific approach similar to what is used to address other health problems, such as heart disease or smoking related illnesses. A prevention approach often incorporates six components: 1) Choosing a focus; 2) Prioritizing risk and resilience factors; 3) Convening community partners to better understand the problem and solutions; 4) Developing a multifaceted plan; 5) Implementing the plan; and then 6) Evaluating efforts. It is the high time to take possible steps as the remedial measures to transcend this monster, named VIOLENCE. There is no pride to become violent; rather it must be the weakness of that particular person. With the violence, we are just violating our basic human rights. This paper is concentrating on the aetiology and remedial measures in order to transcend violence in its whole extent.</p>", 
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    "title": "VIOLENCE, A SOCIAL DANGER.", 
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      "International Journal of Advanced Research (IJAR)"
    "publication_date": "2019-08-10", 
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        "name": "Sinchan Das."
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