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Landscape and biodiversity indicators for Lake Prespa

Ioannis Manakos; Georgios Kordelas

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  "publisher": "Zenodo", 
  "DOI": "10.5281/zenodo.3403606", 
  "language": "eng", 
  "title": "Landscape and biodiversity indicators for Lake Prespa", 
  "issued": {
    "date-parts": [
  "abstract": "<p>Landscape and biodiversity indicators have been identified as crucial for detecting changes in the Land Cover/Habitat map target classes and evaluating threats and intense impacts on certain areas of a site. This analysis is useful to prevent future ecosystem degradation, update the preservation strategies or take immediate mitigation actions.</p>\n\n<p>Regarding Lake Prespa, Landscape and biodiversity indicators were generated for 2012. The Land Cover/Habitat map and Object-ID raster files were used as input to estimate the indicators. The outputs include a raster file of each indicator and a file &ldquo;indValues.csv&rdquo; containing the values of indicators per object.</p>\n\n<p>The calculated indicators are: (i) PLAND; (ii) PD; (iii) SHAPE_MN; (iv) CA; (v) MPS; (vi) MESH; (vii) AWMPFD. Indicator files are accompanied by INSPIRE metadata XML. Detailed information can be found in the &ldquo;Readme.pdf&rdquo; included in the zip containing the dataset.</p>", 
  "author": [
      "family": "Ioannis Manakos"
      "family": "Georgios Kordelas"
  "type": "dataset", 
  "id": "3403606"
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