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Nature-based Transformative Adaptation: a practical handbook

Giacomo Fedele

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  "description": "<p>In this booklet, we present what transformative adaptation means in practice based on a review of theoretical and empirical studies. We first introduce a conceptual understanding to differentiate transformative adaptation from other types of adaptation based on a review of scientific literature (Chapter 2). We then describe an overall strategy to use nature to adapt to climate change (Chapter 3). We complement this theoretical discussion with concrete examples based on Conservation International&rsquo;s experience implementing projects related to the use of nature to help people adapt to climate change in transformative ways (Chapter 4). In addition, we present a brief overview on the major financial initiatives that are supporting transformative adaptation (Chapter 5). Finally, we present methods to help design projects or plans that consider transformative adaptation (Chapter 6).</p>", 
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  "headline": "Nature-based Transformative Adaptation: a practical handbook", 
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  "datePublished": "2019-09-24", 
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    "nature-based solutions", 
    "climate change", 
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  "name": "Nature-based Transformative Adaptation: a practical handbook"
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