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An Intimate Insight on Psychopathy and a Novel Hermeneutic Psychological Science

Emmanuel Taku


This paper is rather a profound hermeneutic enunciation putting into question our present understanding of psychopathy. It further articulates, in complement, a novel theoretical and methodological conceptualisation for a hermeneutic psychological science. Methodology-wise, it puts into question a traditional more or less categorical and mechanical approach to the social and behavioural sciences as it strives to introduce a creative and insightful approach for the articulation of ideas. It rather seeks to construe the scientific method as being more about falsifiability and validation but driven by a sense of creative understanding and insight of notions laid out as open-ended conceptualisations. Theory-wise, it sees continuity between anthropology and psychology as anthropopsychology behind an entropic construct of human psychology based on a recurrent re-institutionalisation mechanism for intemporal-preservation-entropy-or-contiguity–or–ontological-preservation.

Besides and together with a study of the social sciences and philosophy, this author's intuitive confidence in this hermeneutic design insights that underlies the arguments and discourse, is inspired from 'an intimate and spontaneous idiosyncratic philosophical exercise (praxis) in the quest for the essence of meaning', a 'craft' that has been nurtured continuously for nearly 25 years now (without conscious planning at the beginning nor at any time thereafter) since his discovery of 'philosophical questioning and discourse' at high school. An exercise that mirrors the intimate idiosyncratic exercise/praxis allowing an artist like a musician to grasp and develop memes that latter down the years enable the artist to be more or less 'consummate with respect to the personal orientation they give to their arts'. Central to all such idiosyncratic processes is a continuous idiosyncratic memetic refinement over time of rough-cuttings, internal coherences, insights, inspirations, intuitive validations, constraining, sense-of-failing, sense-of-succeeding, confidence, mental inflections and mental projections; of course as per ability and ultimate pertinence with respect to intrinsic reality!
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