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BeamBending: a teaching aid for 1-D shear force and bending moment diagrams

Carella, Alfredo Raul

BeamBending is _both_ an educational module _and_ a Python package. It is intended to serve as a teaching aid during a first course in Statics.

This module aims to enhance clarity and provide visual hands-on examples while introducing the concepts of:

* stresses on slender _one-dimensional_ solids (i.e. beams)

* normal force, shear force, and bending moment diagrams

The package documentation includes a simple (but still rigorous enough) explanation of the background theory. Code snippets that reproduce the theory examples are presented next to each result.

The package can be used by

* teachers who want to automatically create problem sets with their solutions (easily scriptable, _random-problem-generator friendly_);

* students who want to verify their solutions to introductory problem sets;

* students who like to play with example problems and receive immediate visual feedback (i.e. about how simple modifications to imposed loads affect the resulting reaction forces and internal stresses).

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