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The Value of Open Data Sharing: A CODATA Report for the Group on Earth Observations

CODATA; Uhlir, Paul

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    "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.33830", 
    "description": "<p>The report on the Value of Open Data Sharing was first prepared for the GEO-XII Plenary by the GEO Participating Organization CODATA (the ICSU Committee on Data for Science and Technology). Through showcasing diverse benefits of open Earth observations data, the report is designed to facilitate the process of transitioning from restricted data policies to more open policies for government data.&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><br />\nAt the GEO-XII Plenary the report received positive feedback from GEO Member countries and Participating Organizations, who also expressed willingness to contribute supplementary case studies. Therefore, it was decided to maintain this report as a living document, with this version for the record as version 1. &nbsp;The GEO community will provide periodic updates, examples and case studies.&nbsp;</p>\n\n<p><br />\nTo help us on more examples and case studies, please contact:&nbsp;<br />\nSimon Hodson, CODATA, &nbsp;simon@codata.org<br />\nPaul Uhlir, CODATA, &nbsp;pfuhlir@gmail.com&nbsp;<br />\nWenbo Chu, GEO Secretariat, &nbsp;wchu@geosec.org</p>", 
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    "title": "The Value of Open Data Sharing: A CODATA Report for the Group on Earth Observations", 
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      "Open Data", 
      "benefits analysis", 
      "value of Open Data", 
      "Earth Observations", 
      "Group on Earth Observations"
    "publication_date": "2015-11-16", 
    "creators": [
        "affiliation": "The Committee on Data for Science and Technology of the International Council of Science", 
        "name": "CODATA"
        "affiliation": "Independent Researcher; Fellow of National Academy of Sciences, USA", 
        "name": "Uhlir, Paul"
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