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Root crown images of soybean and wheat and statistical analysis for RhizoVision Crown

York, Larry; Anand Seethepalli; Haichao Guo

This repository contains raw image data of root crowns imaged using the backlit RhizoVision Crown platform of soybean and wheat plants phenotyped in Missouri and Oklahoma, respectively, as described in the below manuscript. Data files and the R scripts are included for complete statistical analysis associated with the imaged root crown set as well as validation using scans of copper wires and simulated root images.

Manuscript title: RhizoVision Crown: An Integrated Hardware and Software Platform for Root Crown Phenotyping

Authors: Anand Seethepalli, Haichao Guo, Xiuwei Liu, Marcus Griffiths, Hussien Almtarfi, Zenglu Li, Shuyu Liu, Alina Zare, Felix B. Fritschi, Elison B. Blancaflor, Xue-Feng Ma, Larry M. York


Root crown images were acquired using the RhizoVision Imager software available at:

Image analysis of physical wires, simulated dicot and monocot root systems, and soybean and wheat root crowns was conducted with RhizoVision Analyzer software available at:

Image Files - A set for physical validation of units using 10 scans of 2 individual wires of 5 gauges (10, 16, 22, 28, 32) in JPG format. Includes a CSV file containing measured length and diameters as well as those from image analysis using RhizoVision Analyzer. - 2,778 greyscale images in PNG format of field excavated soybean root crowns. - 1,754 greyscale images in PNG format of field excavated wheat root crowns. - CSV files with the metadata files output by the RhizoVision Analyzer software for the physical validation, validation of simulated dicots and monocots (described in preprint), and the soybean and wheat root crown images. Useful to see thresholding and physical resolution settings.

The simulated monocot and dicot root systems images and associated data are described in the preprint and available from Lobet et al. here:

Lobet, Guillaume, Koevoets, Iko, Noll, Manuel, Tocquin, Pierre, Meyer, Patrick E, Pagès, Loic, & Périlleux, Claire. (2016). Library of simulated root images, with different noise levels [Data set]. Zenodo.

Statistical Analysis - Contains a single .R text file with code to reproduce all statistics and data figures. Contains several .CSV data files used by the R code. Assumption for running is that R code and data files are in the same working directory and setwd() is set there. Also, libraries needed are called at the top of the script and need to be previously installed.

Hardware Plans

RhizoVision_Crown_Hardware_Plans_Details.pdf  - For completeness, hardware plans for the RhizoVision Crown platform as described in the manuscript are included.

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