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COMPOSITION Collaborative Manufacturing Services Ontology

Alexandros Nizamis

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  month        = aug,
  year         = 2019,
  note         = {{Usage instructions for Collaborative Manufacturing 
                   Services Ontology  a.Using OWLDoc A user can
                   explore Collaborative Manufacturing Services
                   Ontology in a web browser by using the offered
                   OWLDoc: 1. Download the file and
                   unzip it to a location of your choice. 2. Navigate
                   to OntologyV02 -> Documentation 3. Select the file
                   named index 4. Then open this file with a double
                   click. A web browser window will launch where the
                   user will be able to explore ontology's details
                   b.Using Protégé tool In this section, we present
                   instructions in order to open and properly use the
                   current version of the Collaborative Manufacturing
                   Services Ontology through the Protégé tool: 1.
                   Download the tar file and unzip it
                   to a location of your choice. 2. Download, install
                   and launch Protégé tool (preferred versions 4.2,
                   4.3 and 5.2) 3. Select File at the top line menu
                   and then select Open at the sub-menu has just been
                   appeared 4. At the new window, navigate to the
                   extracted file from Step 1, OntologyV02-> Ontology
                   - Files and choose COMPOSITIONv02.owl. Then press
                   Open button 5. Protégé will load the ontology that
                   is contained in the owl file. Protégé will also
                   import the three imported ontologies. Check that
                   the other three OWL files are also located in the
                   extracted file from Step 1. After this step, the
                   user is ready to visualize the whole Ontology}},
  publisher    = {Zenodo},
  version      = {v02},
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