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EarthCube Resources for the NSF Geo Domain-Data Workshops 2018-2019.pdf

Meier, Ouida W.; Stamps, D. Sarah; Schreiber, Lynne

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  "abstract": "<p>The NSF funded EarthCube initiative began in 2011 with the vision to transform geoscience research by developing cyberinfrastructure to improve access, sharing, visualization, and analysis of all forms of geosciences data and related resources. As a community-governed effort, EarthCube&#39;s overarching scientific goal is to enable geoscientists to tackle the challenges of understanding and predicting complex and evolving solid Earth, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and space environment systems. In order to assist in the planning, the EarthCube Science Committee has developed a selection of resources for the NSF-GEO domain data workshops. The resources are intended: 1) to share some lessons learned from prior EarthCube NSF-sponsored domain workshops so that new ground can be covered, and 2) to offer both technology and community resources in data management for the Geosciences.</p>", 
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      "family": "Meier, Ouida W."
      "family": "Stamps, D. Sarah"
      "family": "Schreiber, Lynne"
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