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ropensci/rnassqs: Ducks - Operations with Sales

Nicholas Potter; Neal Richardson; Joseph Stachelek; Julia Piaskowski; Jonathan Adams

This release incorporates improvements to usability and documentation resulting from the rOpensci review process, including:

Queries no longer require listing

Queries can be made both by passing a list of parameters or the parameters themselves directly. These two queries are equivalent:

# Method 1: specify query parameters as function arguments
rnassqs::nassqs(commodity="APPLES", year__GE = 2012)

# Method 2: specify a list of parameters as a single function argument
params <- list(commodity = "APPLES", year__GE = 2012)
Key management is much simplified

Previously rnassqs managed keys in an unnecessarily complicated way. Now the package simply checks if the NASSQS_TOKEN environmental variable is set, and if not suggests how to set it.

Documentation improvements

Many changes to the Getting Started vignette and to function documentation should improve ease of use.

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