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PERCEIVE: WP3: Effectiveness of communication strategies of EU projects

Vitaliano Barberio; Luca Pareschi

Data collector(s)
Ines Kuric
Project leader(s)
Edoardo Mollona

This data set contains all the relevant data referred to PERCEIVE WP3, as tasks within WP3 are logically connected. Data analyzed within WP3, but collected in WP5, are included in the data set “PERCEIVE: WP5: The multiplicity of shared meanings of EU and Cohesion Regional and Urban Policy at different discursive levels” ( Data analyzed in Task3.1 are mostly based on transcripts already included in the data set “PERCEIVE. WP1. Framework for comparative analysis of the perception of Cohesion Policy and identification with the European Union at citizen level in different European countries. Task1.2. Focus group with Cohesion Policy practitioners” (focus groups and other interviews).

Task3.2 data are the results of a European wide online survey (at the moment this document is being compiled, the website of the survey is no longer online) targeting policy communicators and focused on three strategic aspects of communicating policy: a) factors of success and barriers, b) support from central institutions and c) communication mix and storytelling.

Task3.3 data regard the analysis of social media communication from EU communication offices at both local and European level. Data covers a sentiment analysis performed on the Facebook homepages of Local Management Authorities (LMA) of PERCEIVE case study regions as well as twitter networks and timelines for international accounts and hashtags. 

Task3.4 data contain elements used in the statistical modeling of communication efforts (see Deliverable 3.4, or Data cover the algorithmic clustering of topics detected in Task5.3, data derived from the PERCEIVE survey, the code (R programming environment) used to run regression analyses, as well as the results of the analyses themselves.

Task3.5 data refer to secondary publicly available data. Namely the collection of the PANORAMA magazine available at INFOREGIO, the Directorate of Regional Policy web portal (, and Eurobarometer data on “awareness” available at the Open Data Portal of the EC ( The textual content of PANORAMA magazine has been content analyzed and the results are made available as a .csv table of concepts’ frequencies per magazine issue.

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Files are currently under embargo but will be publicly accessible after August 19, 2025.

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