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Liquid Marble Photosensor

Andrew Adamatzky; Michail-Antisthenis Tsompanas; Thomas C. Draper; Richard Mayne

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Adamatzky A, Tsompanas A., Draper T., Mayne R. Liquid Marble Photosensor August, 2019. 

A liquid marble is a liquid droplet coated by a hydrophobic power. The liquid marble does not wet adjacent surfaces and therefore can be manipulated as a dry soft body. A Belousov-Zhabotinsky (BZ) reaction is an oscillatory chemical reaction exhibiting waves of oxidation. We demonstrate how to make a photo-sensor from BZ medium liquid marbles. We insert electrodes into a liquid marble, prepared from BZ solution and coated with polyethylene powder. The electrodes record a potential difference which oscillates due to oxidation wave-fronts crossing the electrodes. When the BZ marble is illuminated by a light source, the oxidation wave-fronts are hindered and, thus, the electrical potential recorded ceases to oscillate. We characterise several types of responses of BZ marble photosensors to various stimuli, and provide explanations of the recorded activity. BZ liquid marble photosensors may find applications in the fields of liquid electronics, soft robotics and unconventional computing.

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