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Phenotype Ontologies Traversing All The Organisms (POTATO) workshop: 2nd edition

Matentzoglu, Nicolas; Balhoff, James P.; Bello, Susan M.; Bradford, Yvonne M.; Carmody, Leigh C.; Cooper, Laurel D.; Courtier-Orgogozo, Virginie; Cuzick, Alayne; Dahdul, Wasila M.; Diehl, Alexander D.; Engel, Stacia; Fey, Petra; Fisher, Malcom; Grove, Christian A.; Haendel, Melissa A.; Harris, Midori A.; Harris, Nomi L.; Köhler, Sebastian; Laporte, Marie-Angélique; McMurray, Eunice Y.; McMurry, Julie A.; Milano, Annalisa; Mungall, Chris; Munoz-Torres, Monica C.; Pilgrim, Clare; Pillai, Ajay; Robb, Sofia MC; Robinson, Peter N.; Schofield, Paul; Segerdell, Erik; Shanmugasundram, Achchuthan; Toro, Sabrina; Vasilevsky, Nicole; Wang, Shur-Jen; Wood, Val; Osumi-Sutherland, David

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  note         = {{The workshop was funded by NIH Office of the 
                   Director Grant \#5R24OD011883, as well as by the
                   phenomics conference grant 5U13CA221044-03. Coffee
                   and other sustenance was kindly provided by the
                   International Society for Biocuration. A big thank
                   you goes to Midori Harris who oversaw the workshop
                   logistics and ensured a surprise-free workshop
                   experience!   ERRATA: The funding statement in the
                   PDF is replaced by the one above.}},
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