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Novel insight into the molecular interaction of catalase and sucrose: A combination of in silico and in planta assays study

Kumar, Sunil; Ahmad, Khurshid; Tandon, Gitanjali; Singh, Udai B.; Jha, Yachana; Nagrale, Dipak T.; Singh, Mahender Kumar; Girdhar, Khyati; Mondal, Prosenjit

Osmolytes are known to be an important factor for the stabilization and proficient functioning of proteins. However, the stabilization mechanism of proteins by the interaction of osmolytes is still not well explored. Here, we performed in silico 3D structure modelling of rice catalase-A (CatA) protein and its molecular interaction with sucrose. Further, in planta was conducted to see the effects of sucrose on catalase activity in rice grown in saline sodic soil at different time intervals. The molecular docking experiments results showed that sucrose can be ligated with CatA, protein forming hydrogen bond with precise amino acid residues like, R49, R89, P309, F311, Y335 and T338. The interaction also comprises the contribution of hydrophobic amino acid residues like V50, V51, H52, L123, A310, Q339 and R342. The planta in vitro catalase activity assay showed that plants treated with sucrose significantly affect the catalase activity in rice. Results revealed that maximum catalase activity was recorded in plants treated with 150 and 200 ppm of sucrose after 15 days of sucrose application. However, minimum activity was recorded in control plants. We believe that our study will provides an advanced understanding of catalase activity in plants exposed to osmotic stress.

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