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matplotlib: matplotlib v1.5.0

Michael Droettboom; John Hunter; Thomas A Caswell; Eric Firing; Phil Elson; Darren Dale; Jens Hedegaard Nielsen; Benjamin Root; Jae-Joon Lee; Jouni K. Seppänen; Damon McDougall; Andrew Straw; Ryan May; Nelle Varoquaux; Tony S Yu; Eric Ma; Charlie Moad; Steven Silvester; Christoph Gohlke; Peter Würtz; Cimarron; Thomas Hisch; Federico Ariza; James Evans; Ian Thomas; Paul Ivanov; Jeff Whitaker; mdehoon; Matt Giuca; Paul Hobson

This release of matplotlib has several major new features:

  • Auto-redraw using the object-oriented API.
  • Most plotting functions now support labeled data API.
  • Color cycling has extended to all style properties.
  • Four new perceptually uniform color maps, including the soon-to-be default 'viridis'.
  • More included style sheets.
  • Many small plotting improvements.
  • Proposed new framework for managing the GUI toolbar and tools.

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