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Long-period variables in the Gaia era

Mowlavi, Nami; Trabucchi, Michele; Lebzelter, Thomas

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  "publisher": "Zenodo", 
  "DOI": "10.5281/zenodo.3269780", 
  "title": "Long-period variables in the Gaia era", 
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  "abstract": "<p>The second&nbsp;<em>Gaia</em>&nbsp;data release (DR2, spring 2018) included a unique all-sky catalogue of large-amplitude long-period variables (LPVs) containing Miras and semi-regular variables. These stars are on the Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB), and are characterized by high luminosity, changing surface composition, and intense mass loss, that make them of paramount importance for stellar, galactic, and extra-galactic studies.</p>\n\n<p>An initial investigation of LPVs in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) from the DR2 catalog of LPVs has revealed the possibility to disentangle O-rich and C-rich stars using a combination of optical&nbsp;<em>Gaia</em>&nbsp;and infrared 2MASS photometry. The so-called&nbsp;<em>Gaia</em>-2MASS diagram constructed to achieve this has further been shown to enable the identification of sub-groups of AGB stars among the O-rich and C-rich LPVs.</p>\n\n<p>Here, we extend this initial study of the&nbsp;<em>Gaia</em>-2MASS diagram to the Small Magellanic Cloud and the Galaxy, and use a variability amplitude proxy to identify LPVs from the full <em>Gaia</em> DR2 archive. We show that the remarkable properties found in the LMC also apply to these other stellar systems. Interesting features, moreover, emerge as a result of the different metallicities between the three stellar environments, which we highlight in this exploratory presentation of&nbsp;<em>Gaia</em>&rsquo;s potential to study stellar populations harboring LPVs.</p>\n\n<p>Finally, we look ahead to the future and highlight the power of the exploitation of&nbsp;<em>Gaia</em>&nbsp;RP spectra for the identification of carbon stars using solely&nbsp;<em>Gaia</em>&nbsp;data in forthcoming data releases, as revealed in an <em>Image of the Week</em>&nbsp;published by the <em>Gaia</em> consortium on the European Space Agency&#39;s web site.<br>\nThese proceedings include three animated images that can be used as outreach material.</p>", 
  "author": [
      "family": "Mowlavi, Nami"
      "family": "Trabucchi, Michele"
      "family": "Lebzelter, Thomas"
  "id": "3269780", 
  "note": "Fourth version (file eslab53_Mowlavi_etal_v3.0.pdf): Consolidated text and notations, and some errata corrected.", 
  "event-place": "Noordwijk", 
  "type": "paper-conference", 
  "event": "The Gaia Universe (53rd ESLAB symposium) (ESLAB53)"
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