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PERCEIVE: WP4: Spatial determinants of policy performance and synergies: City smartness

Gianpiero Torrisi

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Collins, Alan; Cox, Adam; Leonard, Alan; Greco, Salvatore

The dataset contains data on both smart cities projects and smart cities characteristics to be used for the computation of the composite indicators using the Stochastic Multi-criteria Acceptability Analysis (SMAA) methodology. The dataset reports the data used to analyze the concept of a ‘smart city’ along two main dimensions. First, it contains the data to operationalize the concept of smart city along the dimensions elaborated in the ongoing literature including proxies for networked infrastructure to improve economic and political efficiency and enable social and cultural development, the extent of business-led development, the social inclusion of various urban residents in public services, extent of high-tech and creative industries, social and relational capital, and social and environmental sustainability. Second, it reports the results of the analysis using the above dimensions to compute a new index of smartness and quality of life based on SMAA. 

PLEASE NOTE that the file ' PERCEIVE_WP4_T4-1_SmarCities_20190704_v01.csv' contains data from Eurostat. For those data re-use involves normalisation of the raw data according to the max-min procedure.

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Files are currently under embargo but will be publicly accessible after July 5, 2026.

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