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BigDataGrapes D8.5 - Evaluation Report and KPI Assessment

Kasimati, Aikaterini; Psiroukis, Vasileios

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  "description": "<p>The deliverable D8.5, &ldquo;Evaluation Report and KPI Assessment&rdquo;, aims to provide a report on the results of the application piloting sessions, in line with the defined experimental protocols and in accordance with the evaluation methodology. Based on the experimental and evaluation protocols defined in the context of T8.2, pilot partners monitor the execution of the application pilots and evaluate their results qualitatively and quantitatively against the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined by the relevant protocols. The objective of this deliverable is to provide, in the first part, an overview and a first evaluation regarding each of the four pilots&rsquo; progress, stating and explaining the current status of development, the successfulness of implementation and the achieved performance of the BigDataGrapes Pilots. An updated version of this deliverable, including pilots&rsquo; final evaluation, is due to M36 of the project lifetime.</p>\n\n<p>Deliverable D8.5, &ldquo;Evaluation Report and KPI Assessment&rdquo;, is based on the individual Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluations of the following pilots: Table and Wine Grapes Pilot (AUA), Wine Making Pilot (INRA), Farm Management Pilot (ABACO &amp; GEOCLEDIAN) and Natural Cosmetics Pilot (Symbeeosis). This document reports an overview of the application piloting sessions&rsquo; results, both qualitatively and quantitatively against the defined KPIs, for each of the four pilots. Information was directly provided by the pilot leaders to ensure the specificity of the guidelines and the smooth progress and evaluation of all piloting sessions.</p>\n\n<p>The document is structured as follows: Chapter 1 serves as an introduction to the deliverable whereas Chapter 2 provides an overview of the four pilots&rsquo; Qualitative and Quantitative evaluation. Each of pilots&rsquo; Qualitative Evaluation Summary is divided in five sections: the pilot&rsquo;s evaluation summary, plan progress, status of implementation, impact and potential pilot modification or required plans for improvement. For the Quantitative evaluation a KPIs list along with baseline values have been defined, including the Domain Specific KPIs only for those pilots that this applies and the Technological KPIs for all pilots. This part of the deliverable provides tangible results. Chapter 3 presents the structure of the BigDataGrapes Survey, the planning of the questionnaire, which is to be distributed to the end-user a few months after the completion of the Intermediate phase (M22) and two months before the end of the Summative phase (M34). The survey is divided in the Pilot Basis Evaluation and the Technological Basis Evaluation, in a similar way to Chapter 2. Finally, the last chapter of the deliverable consists of the overall conclusions regarding the evaluation of the pilots, including discussion and suggestions that could improve their impact.</p>", 
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    "grapevine-powered industries; sensor data; pilot trials"
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  "name": "BigDataGrapes D8.5 - Evaluation Report and KPI Assessment"
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