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DADA2 formatted 16S rRNA gene sequences for both bacteria & archaea

Ali Alishum

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  author       = {Ali Alishum},
  title        = {{DADA2 formatted 16S rRNA gene sequences for both 
                   bacteria \& archaea}},
  month        = jul,
  year         = 2019,
  note         = {{The RefSeq+RDP database was updated due to a 
                   quotation mark bug that was wrongly placed in
                   front of some of the species names. A file with
                   all the affected species names has been uploaded
                   to review. This shouldn't affect any assignments
                   but might have caused some issues reading into R.
                   The GTDB was updated due to a new release with
                   taxonomy changes has been made available. The core
                   GTDB team advises that everyone using the GTDB to
                   convert to the release 89. I have also formatted
                   all the 16S rRNA sequences in the GTDBr89 that
                   have passed QC. If anyone finds a need for them I
                   can share outside of here because I do not want to
                   confuse anyone. Also, you can download the file
                   "ssu_r89.tsv" unformatted from the GTDB website
                   shared above.  Python script can be provided on
  publisher    = {Zenodo},
  version      = {Version 2},
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.3266798},
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