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GeographicLib, version 2009-03

Karney, Charles F. F.

This is the March, 2009, version of the C++ library, GeographicLib. This version provides implementations of

  • the transverse Mercator projection
  • the direct and inverse geodesic problems

which are described in the references below.

Documentation for this package can be generated with Doxygen (using make doc). This is also available via the following links


The latest version of GeographicLib is available at


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  • C. F. F. Karney, Algorithms for geodesics, J. Geodesy 87(1), 43-55 (2013).
  • C. F. F. Karney, Geodesics on an ellipsoid of revolution (2011),
  • C. F. F. Karney, Transverse Mercator with an accuracy of a few nanometers, J. Geodesy 85(8), 475-485 (2011).


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