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How to make scholarly publishing better

Milka Kostic

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    "description": "<p>Scholarly publishing is in crisis! Scholars are in crisis! Science is in crisis! World is in crisis! With so many&nbsp;crises comes a great deal of anxiety, fueling fast thinking and reactive behavior. In the world of scientific publishing and science evaluation&nbsp;this has created&nbsp;a pattern of attack and retreat, warring factions, and myopia resulting in a growing chasm between publishers and content creators. In this Keynote Lecture (presented at the EMUG 2019, a meeting that brings together publishing professionals), I will attempt to break the silos and bridge the chasm through arguing that publishing begins, proceeds and ends with people. My main hypothesis is that placing&nbsp;people first (authors, readers, reviewers, editors, publishers) can help move us out of the current impasse the relationship between publishers (journals) and scientists has reached. I will share with the audience some of the realities of the current climate of academic science, and offer to learn form them about the current climate of publishing as a profession. I will put forward one provocative solution to the current problem - decoupling research from authoring, and one more practical and easily implementable solution to the problem: making the relationship between content creators and publishers more personal.&nbsp;</p>", 
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    "title": "How to make scholarly publishing better", 
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