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INDIGO Planning tool - IndPT

Räma, Miika; Sokka, Laura; Pursiheimo, Esa; Klobut, Krzysztof; Koponen, Kati

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  note         = {{List of new features in Indigo Planning Tool:  - 
                   Investment of storage is included in costs  -
                   Duration curve of total DC consumption available
                   in Model Construction/Parameters  - GIS tool
                   improvements:  o   Network structure evaluation
                   (connections between elements) in map by holding
                   space-bar  o   Information of action performed is
                   shown in status bar  o   Last insertion of element
                   can be undone by pressing ctrl-z  o   Consumer
                   type and pipeline type can be edited in "Select
                   items" state by clicking item  o   Active element
                   type indicated by green button color  - Option to
                   Save copy of the case  - Option to Delete scenario
                   in the case  - Table contents (parameters or
                   results) can be copied to clipboard (and thereby
                   to excel) by pressing ctrl-c in active table  - In
                   results, duration curve of producers and supply
                   tecs can be examined}},
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