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Course in Spheroidal Geodesy

Bagratuni, Gegam Vagramovich

This textbook covers the materials taught on spheroidal geodesy for fourth-year geodesy students at Soviet colleges and also serves as a guide for post-graduate students and practising geodetic engineers. Ellipsoidal curves are considered and the theory of the geodetic triangle on the surface of an ellipsoid is explained. The calculation of geodetic coordinates is covered and an entire chapter is devoted to the solution of long-distance geodetic problems. There are chapters on problems of representing an ellipsoid on a sphere and planes, geodetic projections of an ellipsoid on a plane, and problems on the surface of the terrestrial ellipsoid.

Translation from Russian of Курс сфероидической геодезии [Kurs Sferoidicheskoi Geodezii] (Moscow, 1962) by U.S. Air Force (FTD-MT-64-390). A low-quality scan is available from

Scan by Charles Karney of the copy in the NOAA library in Silver Spring, MD. The translation is a work of the U.S. Government and so is in the public domain.
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