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Global restoration opportunities in tropical rainforest landscapes - Supplementary Materials - Spatial Data Layers

Brancalion, Pedro H. S.; Niamir, Aidin; Broadbent, Eben; Crouzeilles, Renato; Barros, Felipe S. M.; Almeyda Zambrano, Angelica M.; Baccini, Alessandro; Aronson, James; Goetz, Scott; Reid, J. Leighton; Strassburg, Bernardo B. N.; Wilson, Sarah; Chazdon, Robin L.

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            Abstract: Over 140 Mha of
                   large-scale restoration commitments have been
                   pledged across the global tropics, yet guidance is
                   needed to identify those landscapes where
                   implementation is likely to provide the greatest
                   potential benefits and cost-effective outcomes. We
                   identify restoration opportunities in lowland
                   tropical rainforest landscapes by overlaying seven
                   recent, peer-reviewed spatial datasets as proxies
                   for the socio-environmental benefits and
                   feasibility of restoration. Restoration
                   opportunities, areas with higher potential return
                   of benefits and feasibility, were found throughout
                   the tropics. The area with top 10\% of the
                   restoration opportunity score (i.e. restoration
                   hotspots) covers 88\% and 73\%, respectively, of the
                   global biodiversity hotspots for conservation
                   priorities and countries committed to the Bonn
                   Challenge, a global effort to restore 350 Mha by
                   2030. However, a small proportion of the total
                   extent of the Key Biodiversity Area network
                   (19.1\%) were restoration hotspots. Concentrating
                   restoration investments in landscapes with high
                   benefits and feasibility would maximize the
                   potential to mitigate anthropogenic impacts and
                   improve human wellbeing.}},
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