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Snow dataset for Mount-Lebanon (2011-2016)

Abbas Fayad; Simon Gascoin; Ghaleb Faour; Pascal Fanise; Laurent Drapeau

We present a comprehensive snow dataset for Mont-Lebanon. The dataset includes continuous meteorological observations from three high elevation automatic weather stations (AWS), snowpack field measurements collected at 30 different snow courses (elevation range 1300-2900 m a.s.l.), and post-processed MODIS snow products.  Meteorological and snow observations are presented for the snow seasons (November-June) between 2011 and 2016 for Mzar (MZA, 2294 m a.s.l.), 2014-2016 for the Cedars (CED, 2834 m a.s.l.), and 2015-2016 for Laqlouq (LAQ, 1830 m a.s.l.). Meteorological and snow data includes snow depth, temperature, relative humidity, incoming and reflected solar radiation, wind speed and direction, and atmospheric pressure measured at 30-min interval. Snow depth, snow density, and snow water equivalent were measured at the 30 different snow courses during snow season 2015 and 2016 with an average revisit time of 11.4 days. Post-processed daily MODIS snow cover area (SCA) and snow cover duration (SCD) products are presented for the three snow dominated basins (Abou Ali, Ibrahim, and El Kelb) and cover the time period from 01 September 2011 to 31 August 2016.

The reflected shortwave radiation at Mzar AWS are not reliable for the snow year 2015 due to a bad azimuthal orientation of the sensor.
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nso_aws_101_laq_2016.csv md5:d2c233e944516590597bbfbe645b75f2 624.4 kB Download
nso_aws_201_mza_2011.csv md5:c60a03f166b37c304ec89d5ba32418ad 851.0 kB Download
nso_aws_201_mza_2012.csv md5:3deb865899fd1dcf047f05d229b00eb2 761.2 kB Download
nso_aws_201_mza_2013.csv md5:70db8d1f8128f5e1e899c8436f1ecb20 734.7 kB Download
nso_aws_201_mza_2014.csv md5:f55c4f8704b597c5ff34434deedaed84 702.1 kB Download
nso_aws_201_mza_2015.csv md5:ea0c35368521894dfdd885f060d84586 636.1 kB Download
nso_aws_201_mza_2016.csv md5:80c014ec1a9f6d190acf000aee63fda1 655.9 kB Download
nso_aws_202_ced_2014.csv md5:b6bed3704056700e9767d3c63457e3ef 815.7 kB Download
nso_aws_202_ced_2015.csv md5:cad913ba0de4ae7aebea98e1ac1fca1e 787.1 kB Download
nso_aws_202_ced_2016.csv md5:5970be5e3df704c35f770ae927800df2 778.8 kB Download
nso_MxD10A1_sca_scd_2011_2016.tar.gz md5:05f466977e432aae568d5f24f789dcb0 44.5 kB Download
nso_snow_course_data_2015.csv md5:4b25e6c4e4e57f0abc3cc98131603300 13.3 kB Download
nso_snow_course_data_2016.csv md5:b9f815f2a19a87672ae6bf119a400b09 13.7 kB Download


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