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Descriptions of new taxa of Otiorhynchini and related tribes (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae) from the Middle East and Balkans

Białooki, Piotr Z.

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  <dc:creator>Białooki, Piotr Z.</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>Thirteen new species are described: Leianisorhynchus friedmani n. sp. (Isra­el), Otiorhynchus nemrutensis n. sp. (southern Turkey), O. convexipterus n. sp., O. nigrescens n. sp., O. inflatipes n. sp., and O. tuberculifer n. sp. (all from westernmost Turkey), Omias micro­setosus n. sp. (easternmost Turkey), Euplatinus terrestris n. sp. (Israel), Edmundia micropunctata n. sp. (western Turkey), Mylacomorphus behnei n. sp. (westernmost Bulgaria), Brachysomus turpificatus n. sp. (southwestern Romania) and B. deceptorius n. sp. (Macedonia). A new record of O. aziziyensis Davidian &amp; Gültekin, 2015 is given, and the sys­tematic position of the species is briefly discussed. Otiorhynchus coarctatus Stierlin, 1861 is hereby transferred from the subgenus O. (Proremus) Reitter, 1912 to the subgenus O. (Podoropelmus) Reitter, 1912; as a result the former subgenus is newly synonymized under the latter. All remaining species currently placed in O. (Proremus) (except for Otiorhynchus stussineri Stierlin, O. bugnioni Stierlin, O. virgo Reitter, O. echinatus Reitter, O. echinatoides Reitter and O. iratus Reitter placed hereby in Otiorhynchus incertae sedis; all new subgeneric placements) are hereby transferred to the subgenus O. (Pavesiella) Pesarini, 1996 (stat. dem.), all new subgeneric placements. 
The subgenus O. (Lengedeus) Magnano, 1998 is placed in synonymy under the subgenus O. (Odelengus) Reitter, 1912; Otiorhynchus judaicus Stierlin, 1875, O. hein­zi Smreczyński, 1970 and O. angustirostris Smreczyński, 1977 also be­long to the latter subgenus (all new subgeneric placement). The following new subgenera of the genus Otiorhynchus are proposed: Cavernodes n. subgen. (type spe­cies Otiorhynchus grenieri Allard, 1869), Hygrorhynchus n. subgen. (type species Otiorhynchus curvidens Voss, 1964), Crataegodes n. subgen. (type species Otiorhynchus crataegi Germar, 1824), Pterygodontus n. subgen. (type spe­cies Otiorhynchus bleusei Faust, 1899), and Pterygodontoides n. subgen. (type species Troglorhynchus triantisi Alziar &amp; Makris, 2006). Exomias chevrolati (Boheman, 1843) is recored for the first time from Bulgaria. Balcanomias n. gen. (type species Barypithes bosnicus Apfelbeck, 1899) is described to accomodate three species from the genus Exomias (Sciaphilini). A list of all proposed taxonomic changes is provided.

  <dc:source>Israel Journal of Entomology 44–45 13–50 (2015)</dc:source>
  <dc:subject>Middle East</dc:subject>
  <dc:subject>new species</dc:subject>
  <dc:subject>new subgenera</dc:subject>
  <dc:title>Descriptions of new taxa of Otiorhynchini and related tribes (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae) from the Middle East and Balkans</dc:title>
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