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Descriptions of new taxa of Otiorhynchini and related tribes (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae) from the Middle East and Balkans

Białooki, Piotr Z.

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    "description": "<p>Thirteen new species are described: <em>Leianisorhynchus friedmani</em> n. sp. (Isra&shy;el), <em>Otiorhynchus nemrutensis</em> n. sp. (southern Turkey), <em>O. convexipterus</em> n. sp., <em>O. nigrescens </em>n. sp., <em>O. inflatipes</em> n. sp., and <em>O. tuberculifer</em> n. sp. (all from westernmost Turkey), <em>Omias micro&shy;setosus</em> n. sp. (easternmost Turkey), <em>Euplatinus terrestris</em> n. sp. (Israel), <em>Edmundia micropunctata</em> n. sp. (western Turkey), <em>Mylacomorphus behnei</em> n. sp. (westernmost Bulgaria), <em>Brachysomus turpificatus</em> n. sp. (southwestern Romania) and <em>B. deceptorius</em> n. sp. (Macedonia). A new record of <em>O. aziziyensis</em> Davidian &amp; G&uuml;ltekin, 2015 is given, and the sys&shy;tematic position of the species is briefly discussed. <em>Otiorhynchus coarctatus</em> Stierlin, 1861 is hereby transferred from the subgenus <em>O. (Proremus)</em> Reitter, 1912 to the subgenus <em>O. (Podoropelmus)</em> Reitter, 1912; as a result the former subgenus is newly synonymized under the latter. All remaining species currently placed in <em>O. (Proremus)</em> (except for <em>Otiorhynchus stussineri </em>Stierlin, <em>O. bugnioni</em> Stierlin, <em>O. virgo </em>Reitter, <em>O. echinatus</em> Reitter, <em>O. echinatoides</em> Reitter and <em>O. iratus</em> Reitter placed hereby in <em>Otiorhynchus</em> incertae sedis; all new subgeneric placements) are hereby transferred to the subgenus <em>O. (Pavesiella) </em>Pesarini, 1996 (stat. dem.), all new subgeneric placements.&nbsp;<br />\nThe subgenus <em>O. (Lengedeus)</em> Magnano, 1998 is placed in synonymy under the subgenus <em>O. (Odelengus) </em>Reitter, 1912; <em>Otiorhynchus judaicus</em> Stierlin, 1875, <em>O. hein&shy;zi</em> Smreczy\u0144ski, 1970 and <em>O. angustirostris</em> Smreczy\u0144ski, 1977 also be&shy;long to the latter subgenus (all new subgeneric placement). The following new subgenera of the genus <em>Otiorhynchus </em>are proposed: <em>Cavernodes </em>n. subgen. (type spe&shy;cies <em>Otiorhynchus grenieri</em> Allard, 1869), <em>Hygrorhynchus </em>n. subgen. (type species <em>Otiorhynchus curvidens</em> Voss, 1964), <em>Crataegodes </em>n. subgen. (type species <em>Otiorhynchus crataegi </em>Germar, 1824), <em>Pterygodontus </em>n. subgen. (type spe&shy;cies <em>Otiorhynchus bleusei</em> Faust, 1899), and <em>Pterygodontoides </em>n. subgen. (type species <em>Troglorhynchus triantisi</em> Alziar &amp; Makris, 2006). <em>Exomias chevrolati</em> (Boheman, 1843) is recored for the first time from Bulgaria. <em>Balcanomias </em>n. gen. (type species <em>Barypithes bosnicus</em> Apfelbeck, 1899) is described to accomodate three species from the genus <em>Exomias </em>(Sciaphilini). A list of all proposed taxonomic changes is provided.</p>\n\n<p>&nbsp;</p>", 
    "license": {
      "id": "CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0"
    "title": "Descriptions of new taxa of Otiorhynchini and related tribes (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Entiminae) from the Middle East and Balkans", 
    "journal": {
      "volume": "44\u201345", 
      "year": "2015", 
      "pages": "13\u201350", 
      "title": "Israel Journal of Entomology"
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    "publication_date": "2015-09-27", 
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        "name": "Bia\u0142ooki, Piotr Z."
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