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Digital Social Science Lab - incubating data information literacy

Svendsen; Lauersen

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    "description": "<p>ABSTRACT<br />\nAt the Faculty Library of Social Sciences (part of Copenhagen University Library) we are currently working intensely towards the establishment of a Digital Social Science Lab (DSSL).<br />\nThe purpose of the lab is to connect research, education and learning processes with the use of digital tools at the Faculty of Social Sciences. DSSL will host and facilitate an 80 m2 large mobile and intelligent study-&nbsp;and learning environment with a focus on academic events, teaching and collaboration. Besides the physical settings DSSL has two primary functions:<br />\n1. To implement relevant social scientific software and hardware at the disposal for students and staff at The Faculty of Social Sciences along with instruction and teaching in the different types of software, e.g. Stata, Nvivo, Atlas.ti, R Studio, Zotero and GIS-software.<br />\n2. To facilitate academic events focusing on use of digital tools and analytic software in combination with the applied methods of the social sciences.<br />\nThe DSSL takes off with an officially opening in the beginning of 2016 with a dedicated aim of bringing together students, researchers and library staff to create a shared and collaborative learning environment in the house of what used to be the old Botancial Laboratory of the University of Copenhagen.</p>", 
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    "title": "Digital Social Science Lab - incubating data information literacy", 
    "notes": "This poster was presented at the annual meeting of the Danish Research Library Association, September 17, Comwell, \u00c5rhus", 
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      "data information literacy ", 
      "new librarianship", 
      " collaboration", 
      "research library ", 
      "innovation ", 
      "data processing ", 
    "publication_date": "2015-09-14", 
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        "name": "Svendsen"
        "affiliation": "Christian Ulrich", 
        "name": "Lauersen"
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