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Programming Historian website archive (2015-09-12)

Crymble, Adam; Gibbs, Fred; Hegel, Allison; McDaniel, Caleb; Milligan, Ian; Posner, Miriam; Turkel, William J.

This is an archived copy of the Programming Historian website ( taken on 12 September 2015. This archive is intended to provide a snapshot of the project at a point in time that could be cited stabily or used to find the state of the site in a given year, and should not be regarded as a definitive 'edition' or 'release' of the project. The website uses the 'Jekyll' framework, and is written mostly in 'markdown'.

The author list of this archive includes the active members of the editorial board. The project also includes a number of tutorial authors whose names can be found on the individual tutorial pages as well as the 'lessons' page.

The Programming Historian is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed suite of tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate their research. Tutorials provide guidance on a variety of digital methods and approaches including but not limited to programming. Our mission is to fill a unique niche for those interested in the Digital Humanities, by providing a bridge between broad ‘getting started’ portals and generic 'programming’ resources.

We’ve assembled and carefully edited a variety of lessons that describe and illustrate fundamental digital and programming principles and techniques. We have lessons on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Data Management, Data Manipulation, Distant Reading, Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Network Analysis, Digital Exhibit Building, Programming, and Web Scraping. Our tutorials include nearly a dozen lessons on popular DH tools such as MALLET, Omeka, and QGIS.

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