Dataset Open Access

HAC features and metadata for the ACORNS Caregiver dataset

Acorns project; Mangin, Olivier

Histograms of co-occurence features from the Caregiver dataset.

Each files contains the features corresponding to one speaker. The features were extracted using matlab code from the ACORNS project, except for the ones postfixed with "_python" that were extracted with code from

The .json files contains metadata for the the datasets. See for more information on the format.

For more information and data, the English part of the ACORNS CAREGIVER corpus is available from the language archive (TLA -MPI for psycholinguistics Nijmegen) for reproducibility and transparency reasons in accordance with the agreements that were obtained from the speakers. Visit the following link for the corpus:;jsessionid=0717131F4474EDF6A9002460E8921321?0&openhandle=hdl:1839/00-0000-0000-001A-D60B-1

Information on permissions for using the corpus at

Files (250.1 MB)
Name Size
acorns_HAC_Y1_S01.mat md5:a8569d42c90ea6a3404ece7fc0c85d96 2.3 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y1_S01_python.mat md5:db467c1fa527617711a4efe3de1919d7 11.3 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y1_S02.mat md5:558677f11d766e83ce22d8956d03b441 2.3 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y1_S02_python.mat md5:cad11c11f0d80ba2d9b0956fc4950241 12.2 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y1_S03.mat md5:a69a07f53d2034ef498e5055838ecfd8 2.3 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y1_S03_python.mat md5:3819d79059f7b8ce3d9b1d29a061b85a 10.0 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y1_S04.mat md5:d98766d14bb5bae3623cc225384de28a 2.2 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y1_S04_python.mat md5:279b073153177c7b5eab7a0b92f5204a 10.6 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S01.mat md5:e70720a91ab49917a06a5867004d8dbf 6.2 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S01_python.mat md5:5b3c8cc5c550e21cfa146cb534772e8a 31.6 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S02.mat md5:1ed4270c4d9485fe45297183042ba7fb 5.8 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S02_python.mat md5:43e6a85361d21d4fbdf427c66c255c3a 30.1 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S03.mat md5:7dc4fc8cfc34f7b881cd823d0c4abf01 5.6 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S03_python.mat md5:157bf2cb17bc0cc95acccc76618e3921 23.8 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S04.mat md5:ee653b94cbdb79b6b948819cbd39373e 6.3 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S04_python.mat md5:8c7838245e0051f0a0325811e94be944 31.6 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S05.mat md5:bdad26e659cff94e224ff4c09317fcd6 1.3 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S05_python.mat md5:ec596c21128e352c4e6d91ca761edbc5 7.0 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S06.mat md5:824977823ecbd4701067bf0091285c0d 1.4 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S06_python.mat md5:d8d9e38cde457fe41314f02335c26322 7.4 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S07.mat md5:675ae6eb5e55f424e602a9560f1f360a 1.4 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S07_python.mat md5:4713a16c454f7f0efed2e19316eb1b6a 6.5 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S08.mat md5:fc9f6135d21cdbbd51445f9fe1e87122 1.5 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S08_python.mat md5:524c14517aa14267361abe62c7cc990d 7.4 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S09.mat md5:e12668d533fb896fefb952249de4b2ac 1.4 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S09_python.mat md5:0968ae3e2319e0017db80d87802c9504 7.7 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S10.mat md5:1c1da737cbb8462b9168b679dd84469a 1.4 MB Download
acorns_HAC_Y2_S10_python.mat md5:35fc662bacf0356dd97fe529225002bf 7.5 MB Download
Acorns_Y1.json md5:ef42eb93484deaa36fd7f034314e22eb 812.1 kB Download
Acorns_Y2.json md5:848b1e946014624cc6d664eec4f653e5 3.4 MB Download
  • Altosaar, Toomas et al. "A Speech Corpus for Modeling Language Acquisition: CAREGIVER" Language Resources and Evaluation - LREC (2008)
  • Boves, Lou et al. "ACORNS---towards computational modeling of communication and recognition skills" Cognitive Informatics, 6th IEEE International Conference on (2007)
  • Modelling the Noise-Robustness of Infants’ "Word Representations: The Impact of Previous Experience" Bergmann C, Bosch Lt, Fikkert P, Boves L (2015) PLoS ONE 10(7): e0132245. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0132245


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