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trinker/syllable: syllable 0.1.3

Tyler Rinker

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syllable 0.1.3


  • as.tibble removed from all function arguments. This was a nice interactive feature that made programming very difficult to reason about. Having an environment dependant output would result in no adoption of the syllable package as a dependency. The problem was so egregious and the package infant enough, that removal without deprecation was warranted.
syllable 0.1.0 - 0.1.2


  • Users can now globally select a tibble output rather than a data.table output for all functions that outputted a data.table. This can be set globally via set_output. If the user does not set the output type syllable tries to infer based on whether or not the user has dplyr loaded. If dplyr is loaded then tibble is the default output.

  • set_output and tibble_output imported from textshape to globally set the output type (tibble or data.table) and to check/infer the desired output type.


  • readability_word_stats and readability_word_stats_by used stringi's sentence detection. This was not accurate as seen: The package now utilizes NLP/openNLP to detect number of sentences. This comes at the cost of speed.

  • readability_word_stats now removes -es & -ed suffixes for calculating n.complexes.


  • NLP and openNLP dependencies replaced with textshape and textclean to improve sentence detection speed.

  • textcleanLite dependency replaced with textclean because the hunspell dependency in textclean is no longer explicitly imported. This allows the package to be used within trickier environments such as Microsoft Azure.

syllable 0.0.1

This package is a small collection of tools for counting <a href="" target="_blank">syllable</a>s and polysyllables. The tools rely primarily on a 'data.table' hash table lookup, resulting in fast <a href="" target="_blank">syllable</a> counting.

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