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lbusett/MODIStsp: MODIStsp v 1.3.1 Release Notes

Lorenzo Busetto; Luigi Ranghetti

MODIStsp v1.3.1

MODIStsp v1.3.1 was released on 13/02/2017

Major Changes

  • Added functionality for processing of Snow Cover datasets: MOD10A1, MOD10A2, MOD10C1, MOD10C2, MOD10CM (Issue #55)
  • Added functionality for downloading data for only one part of the year (e.g., spring), for multiple consecutive years (Issue #54)
  • Added functionality for computing vegetation indexes on MCD43A4 (v5-v6), MCD43B4 (v5), MCD43C4 (v5-v6) (Issue #59)
  • Added functionality for accelerating download using aria2c (Issue #55)

Bug fixing

  • Fixed bug on download with aria2c, throwing an error on failed download on http (6fbc875)
  • Fixed bug on M*D15A2 processing (Issue #60)
  • Fixed bug on MCD12Q1 processing (Issue #58)
  • Fixed bug on MOD13C2 processing (Issue #52)
  • Fixed bug on insertion of custom projection (Issue #57)
  • Fixed bug on selection of custom index (Issue #53)

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