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pyvista/pyvista: JOSS, name change, new features, bug fixes, and more!

Bane Sullivan; Alex Kaszynski; Henrik Åhl; Leonardo Uieda; Dieter Werthmüller; michi1510; Mikolaj Magnuski; Jiawei Zhuang; Guillaume Jacquenot; Guillaume Favelier; Eric Larson

This marks the release of a lot of new features since about v0.18.0. We've been under rapid development lately and these features are also comming with our review in the Journal of Open-Source Software (JOSS). Listed below are some notable changes.


  • Updates to pyvista.rcParams
  • Add lots more example data download functions (see #195)
  • PolyData filters updates (see #194)
  • Add .streamlines() filter (see #199)
  • Add .interpolate() filter (see d0baf2c)
  • Refactor keyword argument scale_factor to factor (see 367e5bb)
  • Add support for string scalar arrays and better point labelling (see #200)
  • Add MultiBlock.copy() method (see 1481696)
  • Add MultiBlock negative indexing support (see 1481696)
  • Enable default plotting theme environment variable (see 3aeb812)
  • Add PolyData.extract_selection_points() filter (see #205)
  • Add support for field data arrays (#207)
  • Enhance __repr__ methods (see a86c3ff)
  • Add box orientation axes widget (see #218)


  • Fix window closing bug on Windows (see #190)
  • Fix SEGY reader import issue (see 8f52ddb)
  • Fix broken file not found error message (see 5ccad7a)
  • Fix scalar bar slot issue in multi plots (see 6235f57)
  • RGB plotting bug-fix (see cf4e6cd)
  • Fix plot texture example (#216)

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