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Scripts: BAR 1.1.6

Tiago Ferreira; Kota Miura; Bitdeli Chef; Jan Eglinger

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  <dc:creator>Tiago Ferreira</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Kota Miura</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Bitdeli Chef</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Jan Eglinger</dc:creator>

New script: Create Boxplot, a BeanShell script that creates box-and-whisker plots from ImageJ measurements

Plot Results has been re-written: It is now a full-fledged interactive plotting GUI
Updated ROI Manager Tools for IJ 1.45b (The ROI Manager can now store ROIs with the same name).


New class PlotUtils (Javadoc), providing utility methods for plotting operations, including exporting of JFreeChart plots as vector graphics (PDF or SVG)
Added new methods to the Utils class for interacting with the ImageJ Results table (Javadoc)

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue that did not allow Groovy lib to be recognized by the ImageJ updater
Fixed an issue in which Clipboard to Results  could terminate a calling script
Fixed an issue (#13) in ROI Manager Tools in which labels were not properly reset
Suppressed the "Ignoring unsupported output" Consoled warnings triggered by several routines
Fixed and issue that in which exiting messages  of Segmentation macros could not be read in the ImageJ status bar


Updated API, Markdown, and User documentation

  <dc:title>Scripts: BAR 1.1.6</dc:title>
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