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What's next after notebooks?

Morley, Alexander

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  "description": "<p>Jane is a data scientist. Jane uses Jupyter notebooks as her working environment, and her presentation environment. These &ldquo;computational essays&rdquo; allow Jane to present her methods and her results to her colleagues at the same time. Jane is happy with this. But sometimes it&rsquo;s difficult for Jane to share notebooks with her colleagues, and even harder for them to re-mix or re-use parts of the notebook, or to share their changes back to Jane. And sometimes Jane finds it hard to explain the flow of a particular notebook, or how different notebooks are tied together. There&rsquo;s no provision for keeping things modular. First, I will discuss a few up-and-coming projects that are leveraging the power of new web technologies and faster browsers to solve all of fictional Jane&rsquo;s problems, and more. Second, I will present a prototype for my own solution that is also web-based, and draws inspiration from some now-uncool graphical programming languages.</p>", 
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  "name": "What's next after notebooks?"
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