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Sensor data set of 3 electromechanical cylinder at ZeMA testbed (2kHz)

Dorst, Tanja

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  <dc:creator>Dorst, Tanja</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>General information on the data set

The data set was generated at the ZeMA testbed. A working cycle lasts 2.8s and consists of a forward stroke, a waiting time and a return stroke. The data set does not consist of the entire working cycles. Only one second of the return stroke of each working cycle is used.


Structure of the data

	data saved in three HDF5 file as a 3D-matrix, one file is for one axis
	one row represents one second of the return stroke of one working cycle
	axis 3: 6292 cycles
	axis 5: 6083 cycles
	axis 7: 5732 cycles
	one column represents one datapoint of the cycle, that is resampled to 2 kHz (2000 columns)
	one page represent one sensor (11 pages: 11 sensors)


Allocation of the pages to the sensors

page 1: microphone
page 2: acceleration plain bearing
page 3: acceleration piston rod
page 4: acceleration ball bearing
page 5: axial force
page 6: pressure
page 7: velocity
page 8: active current
page 9: motor current phase 1
page 10: motor current phase 2
page 11: motor current phase 3



The datasets are not in SI units. For conversion, you can use the PDF documentation.</dc:description>
  <dc:title>Sensor data set of 3 electromechanical cylinder at ZeMA testbed (2kHz)</dc:title>
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